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Health, Safety, and Insurance

The University of Chicago is committed to supporting the health, safety, and well-being of its students, faculty, and staff. To this end, we offer a Student Care Center, the Student Counseling and Resource Service, and numerous resources for student safety in an urban campus environment. Students can also call on their Resident Advisors for academic and personal support.


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The Student Care Center, part of the University of Chicago Medical Center, is available by appointment for any student who wants to meet with a health professional. Physicians, nurses, a dietitian, and specialists in sports medicine, travel health, reproductive health, physical therapy, movement and ergonomics, and health education are available. The mandatory health and wellness fee covers all Student Care Center visits. Students who have after-hours emergencies are welcome to contact the physician on call.

The Student Counseling and Resource Service is available for individual and group therapy, medication management, support groups, ADHD services, and offers an Academic Skills Assessment Program and classes on topics such as note-taking and speed-reading. The service is free, though for long-term counseling the office will refer students to a doctor in Hyde Park or in other Chicago areas.


Hyde Park is a residential neighborhood that is home to more than 60 percent of our faculty. Parks, schools, restaurants, cafes, beautiful lakefront beaches and vistas, and community arts activities abound. And between thriving cultural, dining, and arts scenes, the streets of Hyde Park are lively with pedestrian traffic.

To ease the transition to a new city and neighborhood, the University provides students with a wealth of resources during a week-long Orientation period and beyond.

Beyond orientation, students can take advantage of the Department of Safety and Security and certified University of Chicago Police Officers. In addition to performing traditional police duties with full police powers, University of Chicago Police Officers can offer accompaniment to students who are unsure of where they are going or traveling alone, education through self-defense classes, bicycle registration, and jumper cables for automotive emergencies.

The University of Chicago also features a dense network of blue-light emergency phones and nighttime transportation around Hyde Park. For students interested in traveling into downtown Chicago, the University supplements public transit options with an exclusive South Loop Shuttle on Friday and Saturday nights, which forms a convenient, direct, and quick route between Hyde Park and the Loop.


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The University requires all students to carry health insurance that covers, among other costs, hospitalization, specialty care, prescription drugs, and outpatient diagnostic and surgical procedures provided within the Chicago area. Each year, registered students are enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP), administered by United Healthcare Student Resources. Details about U-SHIP coverage and benefits can be found at UHCSR.com/uchicago.

Students enrolled in U-SHIP receive their primary medical and mental health care at the on-campus Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS). SHCS will coordinate your care and make a referral, when necessary, to a specialist.

Your U-SHIP insurance coordinators are located on campus. The On Campus U-SHIP Coordinators are able to answer questions about your covered health benefits and other topics related to U-SHIP. Contact the On Campus Student Insurance Coordinators at 773.834.4543 (select option 2) or at uchicagoadvocates@uhcsr.com.