Campus Experience

Student Life

As a registered full-time student at the University of Chicago, you are encouraged to participate in student life. Below is a sample of some of the organizations that welcome your participation during your quarter on campus. 

  • Club Sports – Including rugby, handball, and cricket.​
  • Spiritual Life – Hub of campus religious and spiritual organizations.
  • University Theater – Student-run theater company that puts on 30 shows a year.​
  • Doc Films – The longest continuously running student film society in the country, screening films daily from all genres, cultures, and time periods.
  • Fire Escape Films – Student filmmaking club.
  • Music Groups – Encompassing various performance groups and resources for students seeking a musical community on campus.​
  • South Side Weekly – Nonprofit newspaper that covers the South Side of Chicago. Produced by a volunteer student editorial staff and seeks contributions from across the city. 

Homecoming with Phil the Phoenix

Culture on Campus

The University of Chicago campus is home to a diverse range of centers and institutes that support its students’ co- and extracurricular pursuits. 


  • Apartments in “The Flats” come equipped with kitchens and cookware, where you can prepare breakfast and dinner.
  • You will be on the Apartment Meal Plan with UChicago Dining to accommodate lunch and snacks on campus. This includes:

o   90 visits to the dining commons, or about one lunch per day.

o   200 Maroon Dollars, which can be used at 16 cafes across campus


The following tables detail some of the major health and wellness services that are and are not covered by the Student Life Fee; the full list can be found by clicking here.

Student Health Service

Covered by Student Life Fee

Not Covered by Student Life Fee

Routine physicals

Pharmacy prescriptions/medications

Acute and chronic care

Select immunizations (yellow fever, polio, and typhoid)

STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing

Emergency room care

Rapid strep testing


PPD (tuberculosis) testing

Select laboratory tests

Flu & school required immunizations

Radiology procedures

Allergy injection visits

Medical supplies

Student Counseling

Covered by Student Life Fee

Not Covered by Student Life Fee

Diagnostic assessment

Pharmacy prescriptions/medications

Crisis intervention

Consultation/treatment by sub-specialists

Short-term psychotherapy

Emergency Room care

Support groups

Long-term mental health care

Academic/study skills counseling


Students on the ice rink


  • The University requires all students to carry health insurance that covers, among other costs, hospitalization, specialty care, prescription drugs, and outpatient diagnostic and surgical procedures provided within the Chicago area.
  • You will be enrolled in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP), administered by United Healthcare Student Resources.
  • Details about U-SHIP coverage and benefits can be found at
  • You will receive your primary medical and mental health care at the on-campus Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS).
  • Your U-SHIP insurance coordinators are located on campus; they can be contacted at 773.834.4543 (select option 2) or at
  • You should print your U-SHIP card and carry it with you at all times. 


  • The University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) provides the following services to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff:

o   An umbrella service for members of the community who desire a safety escort as they walk within the UCPD’s patrol area.

o   A network of blue-light emergency phones throughout Hyde Park

o   The cAlert system, providing electronic notification prior to, during, or after an emergency.

o   A comprehensive NightRide Shuttle system, covering the campus core as well as the Hyde Park neighborhood with shuttles that leave every 15-30 minutes.

  • The UCPD provides safety tips for adapting to urban areas, including:

o   Be aware of your surroundings and walk with confidence.

o   Travel in groups of two or more (the buddy system).

o   Let a roommate or friend know where you are going and when you will return.

o   Avoid wearing headphones and using personal electronic devices.