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Autumn/Winter 2020-21 Gargoyle Course Catalog

The Compleat Gargoyle is your source for noncredit liberal arts courses, events, and other offerings at the University of Chicago Graham School.

Autumn/Winter 2020-21 Gargoyle Course Catalog

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In the 1890s, the University's founding president, William Rainey Harper, considered “extension” to be an integral mission of higher education, and he designed the School accordingly. The extension school, today known as the Graham School, has taken various forms in the decades since Harper’s time. The University archives reveal a rich curriculum of offerings through the decades, from lecture series, to Great Books courses, to statistical and civil service training programs. This wide range of initiatives is united by a single fundamental purpose, one that aligns with the University motto: “Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Graham School has moved its courses to a remote learning format. This platform is not new to our instructors or students: The Basic Program pioneered online offerings in 2014, and has offered courses regularly in this format since 2015. We regularly offer training courses to help students and instructors become acquainted with the remote learning platform, so don't let unfamiliarity with the format hamper your participation. Remote courses at graham now present you with the opportunity to share a classroom with friends and colleagues who may live across the country or in a different time zone.

Regardless of the particular context through which we meet our students, we maintain an unwavering commitment to critical, curious engagement. So too do we remain firm in our belief that learning, and learning together, connects and enriches us.

We invite you to join us, or to reconnect with, Graham's world of learning. That world is now digital, but it continues to transport and transform, provoke and inspire.