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MLA Students Share Their UChicago Experience

As we welcomed new members to the MLA in Autumn of 2021, we asked incoming and current MLA students about their goals in the program.

Headshots of Fabiola Delgado (top) and Bill Roth (bottom)

Although they hail from different backgrounds and have journeyed different paths, Graham’s MLA students are committed to the pursuit of a transformative graduate degree program. Whether they seek to lead smarter, learn to write more clearly and persuasively, delve into the art of close reading of texts, step outside of their comfort zones, or advance their careers, our MLA students join a strong community of extraordinary peers.

Here are some of their voices.

Bill Roth: Seeking to Expand Horizons

Principal, Spring Ledge Ventures LLC & Former Business Executive

“I'm transitioning from a career as a health insurance executive and seeking to stay motivated and productive. I enrolled in the MLA to expand my mind and challenge myself with topics outside my normal comfort zone. I also plan on doing some writing and hope the program will help me further develop my writing skills.”


The Reverend Laura Gottardi-Littell: Becoming a Better Citizen of the World


“I’m excited to be part of the MLA program because I’ve had a lifelong love affair with the humanities, and value the core curriculum approach. I’m fascinated by close reading of literary texts, and the ethics and leadership track is directly applicable to ministry. This program will sharpen my abilities to think critically across disciplines and become a better citizen of the world.”


Robert Augusto Riva: Sharing the Journey with a Like-minded Community


“I was drawn not only by the Program’s rigorous yet flexible interdisciplinary approach to both the coursework and the capstone thesis, but also by the fact that the Program is intentionally rooted in a community of like-minded students, professors and staff.  I first recognized way back in college just how rare of a treasure a community like that is.  My profession is an engaging and rewarding one – it truly has been and will continue to be for me – but I missed that other community, and I’m so very excited to be participating in it again. For me, that shared journey is an end in and of itself."


Fabiola Delgado: Discovering the Freedom to Think and Act Bravely

University Administrator

“After many years of considering the MLA program, I finally decided to go for it!  And to this day, that has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.  Each deep conversation with my professors, each vivid discussion with my classmates, and each page of the books I read, help me to better articulate my worldview, understand what may have been holding me back previously, and paint a vivid picture of the future destinations that I want to explore. The classes, the papers, the books, give me the tools to think critically and to act bravely in order to question my preconceived limits. I have been able to unleash the freedoms of artistic creation and of a liberated mind!”


Do you see yourself in these MLA voices? Or perhaps you envision your own unique MLA experience, tailored to your goals. We invite you to explore the MLA and decide if it is right for you. Explore our website or contact our staff for more information and for answers to your questions.

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Sara Connell

Director of Outreach and Communications

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