Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Essential lessons and resources for emerging and mid-career artists looking to augment their current artistic practice.

The Visual Arts Certificate helps emerging and mid-career artists access practical information and resources that allow them to enhance the success of their current artistic practice.

Over the course of five quarters, the program helps you to further your art practice while developing practical, focused skills in your writing ability, business practices, exhibition strategies, and communication techniques. Throughout this time, we aim to foster a sense of community, and to offer artists a positive space to engage in critical dialogue with others working in the arts.

In the classroom, you will develop strengths in critiquing, teaching, presenting, and writing about art through discussion and individual projects. In the studio, you will develop a new body of work and receive constructive feedback from professionals in the field. A supportive peer network, knowledgeable instructors, guest artists, gallerists, critics, and professionals in the field will push you to answer tough questions, evolve your arts practice, and change the way you approach your career. 

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