Medical Writing and Editing for medical writers. Learn how to become a medical writer

Medical Writing and Editing

Curriculum Details for Medical Writing and Editing

Courses in the Medical Writing and Editing certificate program use real-world medical manuscripts and publications to teach students the fundamentals and best practices needed to enter the profession and to succeed as skilled medical communicators.

What do Medical Writing and Editing Students Learn?

  • Understand the profession of medical-technical writing and its unique characteristics 
  • Use the AMA Manual of Style as a writing and editing tool
  • Understand the context of medical communication and the role of a proofreader or copy editor
  • Organize and present scientific information to different audiences

Medical Writing and Editing curriculum map

Medical Writing and Editing Program Structure

  • 5 core courses and 1 elective course
  • Complete the certificate in as little as 3 quarters
  • Class sizes of 10-20 students per course
  • Classes are available online with a few in-person options in downtown Chicago

An online course guide (MEWE30000) is offered as an Overview of the Medical Writing and Editing profession as well as a community hub where students can connect and share resources throughout their time in the program

View Core Courses

View Elective Courses (One Required)

View an overview video of Intro to Regulatory Writing

Specialization Track in Freelancing

The Medical Writing and Editing certificate is introducing its first specialization track in Freelancing. This specialization track is designed for those interested in starting and building a successful career as freelance medical writers and editors. It is composed of two sequential courses. Read more about how these two courses prepare students for careers as freelance medical writers and editors 

Online and In-person Class Formats

Most classes are offered online with a few in-person classes available. 

Online Courses

  • 5 to 6 weeks – Be sure to check detailed course information
  • All online courses start on a Monday with a full week of self-study activities in Canvas, our learning management system
  • Weekly self-paced learning and materials are time-sensitive and must be completed within required timeframes
  • Weekly self-paced learning in Canvas leads to one synchronous session per week
  • Synchronous sessions are conducted through Zoom
  • Attendance to synchronous sessions is mandatory
  • Learn more about taking online courses


  • Courses are offered in a convenient 3-day seminar format Thursday–Saturday from 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. in downtown Chicago.
  • In-person courses are limited. Check the upcoming schedule for current offerings.