Medical Physics

Medical Physics

Year-long CAMPEP-accredited professional track for individuals with PhDs in physics.

Important Dates

Autumn Quarter Application Deadline

The Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Physics provides a year-long professional track for individuals who have earned a PhD in physics. It is offered in partnership with the University of Chicago Committee on Medical Physics and is accredited by CAMPEP, the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs.

This program is designed to help students with PhDs in physics transition to a medical physics profession. Students who successfully earn the certificate are eligible to enter CAMPEP-accredited residency programs in medical physics that provide the necessary clinical experience required for ABR (American Board of Radiology) certification. Students will be able to attain competency in imaging and radiation physics, related mathematics, and biological principles, along with obtaining hands-on laboratory training with innovators in the field. Upon completion of the certificate, former students will be eligible to enter CAMPEP-approved residency programs.


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Esther Pandian-Riske
Associate Director, GSAL/RS

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