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China Studies Lunchtime Lecture Series

The Graham School is presenting a new lunchtime lecture series taking place in downtown Chicago for professionals and other curious minds to expand their understanding of contemporary China. These lectures will be on a broad range of business, geopolitical, and social issues of modern China. Bring your lunch and join us to learn.


Issues in Contemporary Chinese Society: Social Norms and Practices

May 23 | noon–1 p.m. | Gleacher Center downtown

This lunchtime lecture looks at China’s historical social norms and the influence of religion and philosophy on present-day culture. We discuss the impact of Buddhism and Daoism, as well as Confucianism, on modern life, as well as the changes in Chinese society since the opening up and reform period 40 years ago. You are welcome to bring your lunch.

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Issues in Contemporary Chinese Society: Demographic Transitions 

June 6 | noon–1 p.m. | Gleacher Center downtown

While previously China’s government strongly enforced the one-child policy, as China’s population ages and the fertility rate drops, the state has re-introduced a two-child policy in urban areas (January 2016). This led to a remarkable rise of 7.9% increase in child births from 2016 to 2017 (CNN News 2017). However, contemporary issues such as the ‘marriage squeeze’ that leave uneducated young men and highly educated women uncoupled are still causes for concern. This lunchtime lecture will include a short presentation on demographic changes in China, along with a discussion of changes in sexual behavior and marriage trends. You are welcome to bring your lunch.

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About the Instructor

Winnie Tong is a doctoral student in sociology at the University of Chicago. Research interests range from policy reform (anti-corruption, healthcare, education), global security and economic reform, and population/demography studies on China.

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