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MSc in Threat and Response Management

Tuition, Fees, and Funding

Important Dates

Early Decision Deadline for courses beginning Autumn 2018.

Final Deadline for courses beginning Autumn 2018.

Tuition and Fees 2017-2018

The total listed here is an estimated total of the tuition and fees for the Master of Science in Threat and Response Management degree. This total may change based on adjustments to tuition rates or other fees.

Estimated Total Tuition and Fees $47,610
Course $5,250
Prerequisite Stats Boot Camp $300
Lifetime Transcript Fee $75
Service Fee for Any Tuition or Fees Paid via Credit Card 3%

Emerging Leaders in Emergency Preparedness Scholarships

The field of threat and response management is constantly evolving. Emerging threats, from terrorism and cyber security to infectious diseases and climate change, alter our daily lives and affect how we interact with the world. To deal with these emerging threats, we need leaders who can harness innovation, creativity and commitment to help communities, government, health organizations and companies prepare and respond to the challenges of the modern world.

The Emerging Leaders in Emergency Preparedness Scholarships recognize outstanding applicants to the MScTRM program who demonstrate the potential to become leaders in emergency management and would benefit from financial support to complete the program.

To be considered for these scholarships, you must submit:

  1. A completed application to the Master of Science in Threat and Response Management Program
  2. A completed FAFSA application
  3. A short statement (maximum 300 words), emailed to, that describes:
    • How your experience and career objectives will help you bring creativity and leadership to the MScTRM classroom
    • How you would benefit from financial support from the University of Chicago
    • What, if any, financial support your employer will provide for you to complete the program

Conditions of Award

  1. Multiple scholarships may be awarded each year. The maximum value of any one award is $25,000. The University of Chicago Graham School reserves the right to not award scholarships should no suitable candidates apply.
  2. In reviewing applicants, the committee will consider the student’s application to the MScTRM program (including transcripts, work experience, letters of recommendation and candidate statement), as well as the requirements listed above. The committee will consider both merit and financial need.
  3. The scholarship can only be used for fees to complete the MScTRM program.
  4. The scholarship is only available to students in Year One of the program, and will be disbursed evenly over the Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters. Funds will not be provided in Year Two of the program.
  5. Students must maintain an average GPA of 3.0 to continue receiving the scholarship.
  6. Students may hold the scholarship in conjunction with other scholarships, awards and federal aid/loans.

Other Financial Aid

Students who maintain a two course per quarter schedule are eligible to receive student loans to finance their education at the Graham School. The Graham School has administrative systems in place to assist students in applying for financial aid upon admission to its programs. Please visit our Tuition, Financing, and Billing page.

The Master of Science in Threat and Response Management is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. United States military veterans are encouraged to visit our Yellow Ribbon Program page for more details on this program.