Emergency Management Masters degree students

Master of Science in Threat and Response Management

MScTRM at a Glance

Our Emergency Management Students

Our students are health care professionals, first responders, volunteers, new graduates, and risk managers. They work for governments, not-for-profits, hospitals, and large corporations. Some are disaster response volunteers looking for a new career. Others have significant experience in the field and are seeking a graduate degree to secure a new role or promotion. Together, they create a vibrant and diverse classroom where they learn from each other, challenge their assumptions and solve real-world problems.

How does the Emergency Management Degree Advance Careers?

Our Graduates are respected for their rigorous and creative approach to emergency preparedness and resilience—MScTRM graduates leave the program ready to tackle local, national, and global problems. Some use their education to help local communities by working for city councils, local not-for-profit organizations, and emergency response units. Others apply their knowledge on a national level for agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, national laboratories, and nationwide insurance companies and law firms. And some take their skills to a global level, working for international organizations like the Red Cross, the United Nations, and multinational corporations. Regardless of where they work, MScTRM graduates are respected for their rigorous, analytical, and creative approach to emergency preparedness and resilience.

What do Our Students do After Graduating?

  • 60% changed function, geography, or were promoted with their employer
  • 29% secured a new position with a new employer
  • 6% started a business or entrepreneurial endeavor

Our Graduates Hold Positions as:

  • Director of Emergency Management
  • Emergency Management Hazard Analyst/Specialist
  • External Affairs Officer
  • Forensics Technical Data Specialist
  • Global Business Continuity Manager
  • Homeland Security Program Manager
  • Risk Mitigation & Public Information Coordinator

MScTRM Alumni Crisis Stories:

2010 Haiti Earthquake | Christine B.

UChicago Master of Science in Threat and Response Management alum Chrissy B. talks about her role in responding to the 2010 Haiti earthquake. She explains that understanding the context and landscape where a disaster has occurred is essential for an effective response.

MScTRM Alumni Crisis Stories:

Hurricane Matthew Preparation | Tom R.