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Master of Liberal Arts

Concentration in Ethics and Leadership

Our new concentration in Ethics and Leadership (EL) leverages the interdisciplinary strengths of the MLA faculty, bringing together methodologies from the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences, to challenge assumptions about what leadership is, and what its relationship to ethics has looked like throughout history.

Ethics and Leadership Concentration Details

The emergent crises of the 21st century--access to education in a knowledge-based economy, crime and violence, climate change, immigration and national identities--are at once profoundly global and local, and will require innovative approaches, collaboration, and above all, leadership.

The Ethics and Leadership concentration is for students who want to examine ethical theory and engage in a rigorous exploration of models of leadership. Innovation, disruption, and problem-solving have played an important part of our understanding of leadership in business. What qualities are associated with leadership in democratic politics? In religious leaders? How do champions of causes emerge and inspire a following?

MLA Ethics Curriculum requirements 4 core courses, 3 ethics and leadership electives, 1 non-western elective, 1 thesis/special project

Ethics and Leadership Curriculum

  • 4 core courses: one from each: humanities, social, biological, and physical sciences
  • 3 ethics and leadership elective courses
  • 1 non-western elective course
  • 1 thesis/special project focused on ethics and leadership

Students can complete the MLA program with the Ethics and Leadership Concentration in one year if taken full-time, and may take up to five years taking courses part-time.

Ethics and Leadership Courses

Ethics and Leadership courses for the 2018–2019 academic year include:

Courses for the 2019-2020 academic year will be announced soon.

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