Master of Liberal Arts, UChicago students in graduation robes.

Master of Liberal Arts

ACCESS. RELEVANCE. IMPACT. Push boundaries with distinguished University of Chicago faculty in evening and weekend seminars.


The Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) degree program at the University of Chicago leverages our storied tradition in the liberal arts with an interdisciplinary approach designed for working professionals. Students complete nine graduate courses in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, and work individually with UChicago faculty on the MLA thesis. Faculty from the graduate Divisions of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences teach evening and weekend courses in which students are introduced to disciplinary paradigms and methodologies.

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The MLA offers a rigorous, interdisciplinary course of study with a primary focus on bending critical inquiry towards questions of relevance to professional adults. Highly selective, the MLA is a transformative experience which emphasizes the development of rigorous analysis, critical inquiry, open discourse, and effective communication. This makes it a highly valuable degree for many—working professionals or adults seeking personal enrichment. Because the program is by design broad and interdisciplinary, it is not intended for students seeking a path to specialized doctoral study.

Access and Impact

Offering extraordinary access to a university consistently ranked in the top ten in the world, through small graduate seminars and one-on-one thesis direction, the MLA was developed as a bridge to connect innovative and pioneering scholars with the important questions that drive Chicago, the country, and the world. The MLA is a graduate liberal arts degree designed for real world impact.