Healthcare Informatics student giving a presentation

Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics

Biomedical Informatics Student Testimonials

Aloki Patel

BMI Student Aloki Patel

As a computer information systems major with a history of implementing innovative IT solutions, troubleshooting/maintaining IT systems, and database management, I wanted to go into a field that was high in demand and ever-changing so that I could always be challenged. I began my college career as a biology major and switched over to IT after a couple of years. Even though I enjoyed biology, especially the systematic part of it, I loved programming and information technology even more. This led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Biomedical Informatics which happens to involve the two: Biology and Information Technology! In this program, I have been challenged, motivated, and enlightened by the professors along with the content they teach. The knowledge and skills one learns in this program makes a tangible difference for individuals and systems in biomedicine and health overall.

Filzah Iqbal

BMI Student Filzah Iqbal

I was unsure of my career path after graduating college with a chemistry degree and an interest in healthcare. I considered medical school but decided to instead pursue an interdisciplinary degree that combined my interests of research, healthcare and technology. Since joining the MSc BMI program, I feel confident that I have made the right decision. The professors and guest lecturers have impressive backgrounds and can offer interesting perspectives but are still approachable and willing to advise students. I also love that the classes and the program are small!

Kevin Schap

BMI Student Kevin Schap

The Biomedical Informatics Master’s program has been exactly what I was looking for when I first started viewing different Master’s programs. The blend of topics from healthcare IT, big data, policy, ethics, and clinical considerations has provided me with an overview of health systems and their intricacies that would otherwise require years of experience in the healthcare industry. The group work has been meaningful, as it gave me a chance to work with people of diverse healthcare and technical backgrounds. This experience has provided insights that I do not think I would have had otherwise.

Paul Pachwicewicz

BMi Student Paul Pachwicewicz

I work in clinical research but wanted to learn how to create a more effective and lasting impact in my work. The MScBMI program provided an opportunity for me to gain skills in areas that are making big impacts in healthcare. The program worked well with my busy schedule, allowing me to work full time while completing classes. Now I'm using the skills I've learned in my current job and am excited to apply them in achieving my future career and academic goals.