Healthcare Informatics student giving a presentation

Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics

MScBMI Concentrations

Students can focus their MScBMI education on specific areas of health informatics by taking advantage of the wide range of electives and capstone projects the program has to offer. Concentrations allow for specialization within the degree but are not required.

The MScBMI concentrations focus on four areas of study: Clinical Informatics, Bioinformatics, Population Health informatics, and Healthcare Delivery Science. While choosing a concentration is not required, those students that do so are required to take a series of elective classes and complete a Capstone project that explores a topic related to the concentration.

Additionally, students can create their own custom coursework. Students who want to delve into data analytics, computer science, life science, business, and more, have the opportunity to take electives in other departments.

Concentrations in Biomedical Informatics

Each concentration requires students to complete a short series of elective classes.

Clinical Informatics

Master clinical decision support tools. You’ll learn the ways that data across clinical systems can provide a whole picture of patients’ health.

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Study genomic and other biological and clinical data while you work with DNA and RNA sequencing to master data analysis techniques.

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Population Health Informatics

Study public health and relevant data analysis techniques. You’ll learn these methods by practicing statistical models using both public health and clinical data.

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Healthcare Delivery Science

Explore the interconnectedness of systems and processes within healthcare delivery. You’ll see that healthcare’s complexity is knowable and amenable to intervention.

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