Master of Science in Analytics

Master of Science in Analytics

Tuition and Fees for MSc in Analytics

Tuition and Fees for the Analytics Degree

Tuition and Fees displayed are for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Estimated Total Tuition and Fees: $58,160

Course $4,420
Stats Bootcamp (required) $200
Python for Analytics (required) $500
Linear Algebra* $4,420
Programming for Analytics* $1,250
Enrollment Deposit (non-refundable) $250
Lifetime Transcript fee $75
Late registration fee $100
Service fee or any tuition or fees paid by credit card 3%

*During the application process students are assessed to determine whether they are required to take additional Foundation Courses.

Tuition does not include books, computer equipment, software licensing fees or living expenses. Visit the Cost of Attendance page on the Financial Aid website for more information.

Tuition is expected to increase 2-4% per year.


Financial Aid

If you are interested in financial aid to help finance your graduate education, once admitted, you will work with the University of Chicago’s Student Loan Administration office.

To understand the types of financial assistance available and to gather additional information, please visit

Note that eligibility for Federal loans requires students to be enrolled in at least two courses per quarter. The Graham School has administrative systems in place to assist students in applying for financial aid upon admission to its programs. Please visit the Graham School Tuition, Financing, and Billing page for more information.

For information and assistance with employer tuition benefits, please visit

Currently, the MScA program does not offer any scholarships.