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Master of Science in Analytics

Analytics Degree at a Glance

The University of Chicago Master of Science in Analytics attracts students from all over the world to our downtown Chicago campus. Our students use their degrees as a springboard to dive into the analytics field, discover new ways to use analytics to explore complex questions, and shape themselves into leaders in the analytics community.

You will join a program at the forefront of the exciting developments within the field of analytics by educating students on cutting-edge analytical models and by making sure that students become lifelong learners by continuing to advance their knowledge even after they graduate.

Knowledge, fueled by science and technology-based innovations, has become the currency of twenty-first century economy. Join our students using their data analytics degrees to share the knowledge gained from analytics insights.

Data Analytics Student Facts and Figures

Information about the students enrolled in our program.

Percent of Data Analytics Students by Age

Amount of Analytics Students by Age: 20–24: 18%; 25–29: 53%; 30–34: 14%; 35–39: 7%; 40–44: 5%; 45+: 3%

Our analytics students vary in age with students from 20 to over 45 years of age. The majority of students in the program are typically 25-29 years old. 

Age Percent of Students
20-24 years 18%
25-29 years 53%
30-34 years 14%
35-39 years 7%
40-44 years 5%
45+ years 3%

Data Analytics Student Professional Work Experience

Professional work experience of Analytics Students; 0–2 Years: 21%; 2–4 Years: 22%; 4–6 Years: 27%; 6-8 Years: 6%; 8-10 Years: 5%; 10+ Years: 19%

You will join students with professional work experience in a diverse set of fields. The majority have two to four years of experience. Students may be entering the program to enhance or pivot their current career or gain skills to start their professional career.  

Years of Work Experience Percent of Students
0-2 years 21%
2-4 years 22%
4-6 years 27%
6-8 years 6%
8-10 years 5%
10+ years 19%

Top Majors Students Earned Prior to Enrolling in the Analytics Degree

Most Represented Previous Majors by Data Science Students: Economics, Finance, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Business Administration

Previous majors have been in economics, finance, mechanical engineering, computer science, and business administration.

Top Industries Represented by Student Backgrounds

Top Data Analytics Student Current Industries: Technology, Consulting, Government, Marketing, Finance, Healthcare

Top industries represented by analytics students are technology, business consulting, government, marketing, finance, and healthcare.