Master of Science in Analytics

Master of Science in Analytics

Analytics Degree at a Glance

The University of Chicago Graham School Master of Science in Analytics attracts students from all over the world to our downtown Chicago campus. These students use the MScA program as a springboard to dive into the analytics field, discover new ways to use analytics to explore complex questions, and shape themselves into leaders in the analytics community. 

Facts and Figures for our Analytics Students

Professional Work Experience

0–2 Years: 13%; 3–5 Years: 32%; 6–10 Years: 29%; 10+ Years: 26%

Top Five Industries Represented

Consulting: 17%; Financial Services: 22%; Healthcare: 14%; Marketing: 12%; Technology: 13%

Part-Time/Full-Time Student Split

Part-Time: 57%; Full-Time: 31%; Combination: 12%


20–24: 6%; 25–29: 40%; 30–34: 27%; 35–39: 13%; 40–44: 8%; 45+: 6%

Student Majors

Biological & Physical Sciences: 9%; Business & Economics: 41%; Computer Science & Information Technology: 12%; Engineering: 20%; Humanities: 5%; Math & Statistics: 13%; Social Science: 12%

Citizenship Status

International: 24%; Permanent Resident: 10%; U.S. Citizens: 66%

Hear from our alumni by viewing a complete information session and alumni panel 

Analytics Graduates Work As…

Business Intelligence Analyst

Data Science Manager

Data Scientist

Decision Scientist

Director of Accounts and Strategy—Analytics

Information Analyst—Data Scientist

Lead Analyst

Lead Data Scientist

Senior Analyst

Senior Associate Analyst

Senior Consultant

Senior Director

Senior Manager Clinical Analysis

Solution Architect

Strategic Analyst

Among Analytics Students Looking for New Jobs…

75% Found a New Job by the Time They Graduated

Student Salaries Increased by 33%

Graduate Salaries Increased by 52%

Incoming Analytics Student G.P.A.

3.8 Out of 4.0 Points