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Master of Science in Analytics

Analytics Capstone Projects

The Capstone Project is a degree requirement for students in our data analytics program and is designed so that both the students and capstone partners gain experience working on real-life data- and analytics- related problems. Capstone partners and students engage with key problems the company needs to solve.

Students work in teams of two to three with a faculty advisor and business partner to address a business problem. Teams may identify their own company with a business problem, or teams may pick a data analytics problem supplied by MScA industry research partners.

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More Capstone Projects from Our Graduates

COPD Readmission And Cost Reduction Assessment

UChicago Analytics students built data models and evaluated them across different frameworks and determined that the resulting model is capable of rank-ordering readmission risk and allowing for flexibility in applying interventions to prevent readmission.

Read the full COPD study transcript.

An NFL Ticket Pricing Study

Optimizing Revenue Using Variable and Dynamic Pricing Methods

UChicago Analytics students find a way for an NFL team to implement ticket pricing that responds to changing factors and gives the team the chance to fill more seats.

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Image Recognition to Identify Yoga Poses

Master of Science in Analytics students built an app that uses a one-step neural network to examine images of yoga poses and recognize the poses in order to provide feedback to the app's yoga-practicing user.

Read the full yoga capstone transcript.

Using Image Recognition to Measure the Speed of a Pitch

One capstone team developed an app that applied image recognition algorithms to measure the speed of a pitched baseball. Their app captured video, isolated the pitched ball, the calculated the velocity of the pitch and displayed this measurement so that app users would be able to measure the speed of a pitch with their smartphones.

Read the full baseball pitch transcript.

Real-Time Anomaly Detection within Credit Card Transactions

Credit card fraud puts consumer's identities at risk while credit card providers are forced to cover fraudulent charges. A team of analytics students went above and beyond to carefully study this problem: they created synthetic data that represented a large population of credit-card users and were able to build a model that catches credit card fraud in real time.

Read the full credit card transcript.

Capstone Projects Aim to Achieve the Following Learning Objectives:

  1. Develop the ability to design an analytics research project
  2. Frame a business problem in a way that could be addressed using analytics
  3. Identify the knowledge—an analytics tool or algorithm—that will address this problem
  4. Develop a methodological framework to produce a practical solution
  5. Implement the analytics methodology
  6. Communicate the findings of the research effectively in both written and oral presentations

Students who have completed or enrolled in five courses in the program may start working on their capstone projects. Once the project has been chosen and approved, students make contact with the company representative who explains the full context of their business challenge. Next, the students prepare a proposal to serve as a blueprint for their project. Over the course of three quarters, each team scopes out its project, analyzes data and then produces findings in both written and oral form. At our Capstone Showcase events, all projects are presented to a panel of experts who evaluate and test each project and choose a “Best in Showcase.”