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2019 Writer's Studio Student Prize Winner

  • First Place: Trevor Lisa
  • Honorable Mentions: Tristan Bates and Christine Broquet

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Writer’s Studio instructors nominate students for the prize in recognition of their excellence as emerging writers, workshop participants, and members of the Writer’s Studio community. Nominated students then submit writing samples, which are judged by one or more instructors who have not put forward any nominees that year. The prize winner receives $250; honorable mentions receive $50 each.



Lynne Adams-Whitaker (as L.A. Whitaker), The Chit'lin Coast, Amazon; on Kindle (or via downloading the free Kindle app) as The Chit'lin Coast by L.Whitaker

Sharon Bentley, Looped (poetry e-chapbook), Beard of Bees Press 82 (March 2012).

Sharon Bentley, "On the Platform" (poem), Two With Water 2 (May 2012).

Sharon Bentley, “Koan” (poem), The Spoon River Poetry Review, Summer/Fall 2010

Ruth Blatt, “How to Survive as a Solo Musician: Disappear, Annoy Fans, and Paint,The Atlantic

Shari A. Brady, Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye, 2012

Trish Cook, “Appetites” (essay), Graze Literary Magazine, Spring 2013

Trish Cook, A Really Awesome Mess, July 23, 2013 from Egmont USA.

Mark D. Diehl, Vida Nocturna, 2011

Molly DiRago, "The Professor," (short story), Black Mirror Magazine

Gail Duberchin (as Gayle Ann Weinstein), "Eden Revisited" (poetry), Persimmon Tree Literary Magazine, winter issue

Lori Hile, “Spinning the Globe: A dizzying New Zealand export goes worldwide” (article), Hemispheres Inflight Magazine

Lori Hile, Social Networks and Blogs, September 2010, Heinemann-Raintree Publishers

Len Joy, "Triage", The Legendary, November 2011

Len Joy, "Dark Hours", Necessary Fiction, October 2012

Len Joy, "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" (excerpt from novel, "American Jukebox,") The Writing Disorder, October 2012

Len Joy, "The Lovebox", Melusine, or Woman in the 21st Century, July 2012

Len Joy, "Freestyle", Linnet's Wings, Autumn 2012

Kim Kolarich, “Strawberry Pye” (story), Karamu (now called bluestem), Spring 2010 issue (Vol. XXII, No. 1)

Jerome Lane, "Memento Mori," The Examined Life, March 2013

Josh Lohrius, The Breaking of Goody Boothe, 2011

Paul Luikart, “Caveat” (flash fiction), Johnny America

Susana S. Martins, "We Who Have No Gods" and "Down Deep." Open To Interpretation: Water's Edge (St. Paul, MN: Taylor & O'Neill, 2012): 51, 82.

Susana S. Martins, "Moving Day." Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (February 2012) and The Best of The Foliate Oak Online 2012: 68-76. Nominated for 2012 Best of the Net anthology by Sundress Publications.

Susana S. Martins, "The Jig." Gulf Stream Magazine 7 (Spring 2012)

Susana S. Martins, "Frontschwein." The Broadkill Review 6.3 (May/June 2012): 40-45.

Kathleen Naureckas, poetry chapbook For the Duration has been accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press Beverly Offen, “I Lost it . . . After the Movies." Nostalgia Digest (Winter 2011)

Beverly Offen, “Chicago: Belmont El Station” (essay). Great Lakes Review (2014).

Beverly Offen, “Driving Alone” (essay). Hippocampus, www.hippocampusmagazine.com (July 2013).

Beverly Offen, "The Endless Summer" (essay). Legends, Grey Wolfe Publishing (Summer 2013).

Beverly Offen, “Remembering Ron” (essay). Hearths 1 (2013): 47-48.

Beverly Offen, “Rethinking Resolutions” (essay). Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, & More 17, http://bwgwritersroundtable.com (January 2013).

Beverly Offen, "Fair Trade" (poem), "I Made You Watch" (poem), and "Remembering Ron" (essay). Waymark: Voices of the Valley, #2: pages 33-36.

Beverly Offen, “It’s About, I Mean, You Know, Like, Um, Language!” Front Porch Review 3 (April 2011).

Beverly Offen, “My Husband’s Doctor." The Barefoot Review 2 (Summer 2012),

Ron Ost, “Decoy,” Third Coast, Spring 2011

Alain Douglas Park, "Christ Water" (short story), Folio, Winter 2010

Alain Douglas Park, "The Pacing of Bears" (short story), Zone 3, Fall 2011

Alain Douglas Park, "Dig Deep Magnolia" (short story), The Beloit Fiction Journal, Volume 28, 2015

Alain Douglas Park, "Stephanie Says" (short story), Four Way Review, Issue 7, 2015

Alain Douglas Park, "Gallery of the Moons" (short story), The Bitter Oleander, Volume 21 no.2, 2015

Alain Douglas Park, "Cleo's Face" (short story), Fugue, Issue 39, 2010

Karen Skalitzky, A Recipe for Hope: Stories of Transformation by People Struggling with Homelessness, ACTA Publications

Neil Stern, Q&A With Dinty Moore, Another Chicago Magazine

John Sturgeon, "Crimes of the Levee" (novel), Black Rose Writing, October 2013

John Sturgeon, “The Murder of the Yipping Dog” (short story), Mysterical-E, Fall 2012

John Sturgeon, "The Wrath of Moses" (novel), Black Rose Writing, July 2015

Natalie Tilghman, “The Burden of Agatha” (story), Sudden Flash Youth: 65 Short Short Stories, Persea Books (NYC), December 2011

Natalie Tilghman, “Whale Boy” (story), Realistic Fiction: Anthology from CICADA, e-book anthology, July/August 2011

Natalie Tilghman, craft essay on diction and tone in young adult and coming-of-age literature, Northwestern University’s TriQuarterly magazine, November 2011

Natalie Haney Tilghman (and Bill Sommer), Resource Room, Fall 2015; Harvey Klinger

Donna Urbikas, "My Sister's Mother: Growing up with WWII Survivors of Soviet Labor Camps." Midwest Prairie Review 3 (Spring 2015)

Donna Vos (under the name Donna Cousins), Landscape (novel), 2005

Patty Wetli, essay in the summer issue of Front Porch Journal and the current issue of Brevity (under book reviews). (July 2010)

Robert Weisz, “Fortune” (short story) in Callope (Summer 2010)

Jeremy Wilson, “Everything is Going to be Okay,” Printers Row, 2012; winner of the 2012 Nelson Algren Award.

Jeremy Wilson, “Leaving Charity,” The Carolina Quarterly, 2010. Vic Zast, The History and Art of 25 Travers, North Country Books


Kevin Davis, "Journalism & Justice: Did Innocence Project Student Reporters Get Too Close to Lawyers?" ABA Journal, January 2012.

Kevin Davis, Defending the Damned (nonfiction), Atria Books, 2007 (re-issued in paperback 2008)

Dina Elenbogen, "Romancing the River" (essay), New City Chicago, December 2010

Dina Elenbogen, "Losing Our Sages" (essay), New City Chicago, January 2011

Dina Elenbogen, from "Out of Iowa" Word by Word: The Iowa Writer's Workshop 75 years, (an anthology) University of Iowa Press, June 2011

Dina Elenbogen, "His Town" (essay) Quintessentially New Trier feature article, Sept. 2011

Dina Elenbogen, "Rising for the Buddha" (anthology) Brute Neighbors: De Paul Humanities Center January, 2011

Dina Elenbogen, "A Confession" (poem) Paterson Literary Review, June 2011

Dina Elenbogen, “Losing Our Sages: the past and future imperfect” (essay), New City

Dina Elenbogen, “Out of Iowa,” New City (January, 5 2012).

Dina Elenbogen, “150 Years of Chicago Architecture,” City of the Big Shoulders, University of Iowa Press (June 2012).

Dina Elenbogen, “A Year's End,” Midnight Snack, Poetic License Press (Fall 2012).

Dina Elenbogen, “Losing Our Sages: the past and future imperfect” (essay), New City

Stephanie Friedman, “Sideways Review: Three Poems on Three Books,” Hunger Mountain (April 2012).

Stephanie Friedman, “I Want the Copy that Dreams,” Blood Orange Review (7:1, Spring 2012).

Stephanie Friedman, “Syndrome or Symbol?: Story, Place, and Masculinity in Recent Fiction about Israel,” The Reform Jewish Quarterly (Fall 2011).

Stephanie Friedman, “Conjuring the Magic of Story” (essay), Hunger Mountain

Benjamin Lytal, "Opposite," London Review of Books (August 30, 2012)

Benjamin Lytal, What Mary Thought: ‘The Testament of Mary’ by Colm Tóibín, The Daily Beast, November 18, 2012

Benjamin Lytal, "What Should Be Your Favorite Books?" On W. G. Sebald. The Daily Beast. February 13, 2014

Benjamin Lytal, "Getting the Undulation." On The Selected Letters of Willa Cather. London Review of Books. Vol.6, No. 4. pages 29 - 30. February 20, 2014

Benjamin Lytal, A Map of Tulsa. A Novel, published by & Other Stories in the UK in March 2014

Benjamin Lytal, "Teju Cole's Keen Eye Spares No One: Himself Included." The Daily Beast. July 9, 2014

Achy Obejas, Ruins (novel), 2009; named one of the year’s best books by the Huffington Post (2009)

Colleen O’Brien, “The Deal” (short story), Painted Bride Quarterly, Issue 92/Print Annual 8

Colleen O’Brien, “The Fathers” (short story), Fugue, Issue 47, Fall 2014

Colleen O’Brien, “Suzy” (short story), Ninth Letter (online), Spring 2014

Colleen O’Brien, “The Cheesecake Factory” (short story), Beloit Fiction Journal, Spring 2014

Colleen O’Brien, “Sasha” (short story), The Laurel Review, Spring 2014

Colleen O’Brien, “Saturn,” “Bridge” (poems), Witness, Vol. 27 No. 3, Winter 2014

Colleen O’Brien, “Consolation to a Friend” (poem), Poetry Northwest, Summer/Fall 2014

Colleen O’Brien, “In the Democracy” (poem), 40 Years of CutbBank (online anthology), Summer 2014

Bayo Ojikutu, "The Gospel of Moral Ends", (short story) anthologized in USA Noir: Best of the Akashic Noir Series, (ed.), Johnny Temple, Akashic Books, 2013, New York

Bayo Ojikutu, "Pass: A Novel Excerpt", McNeese Review, vol. 51, McNeese State University, 2013, Baton Rouge, LA

Bayo Ojikutu, "To Repair A Whole They Had Never Broken", (short excerpt)

Scott Onak, “The Fluency of Dreams,” Willow Springs (Spring 2012)

Cecilia Pinto, “Not an Ode to Oppen,” qarrtsiluni (March, 2012)

Cecilia Pinto, “Poesy,” “Work/Dreams,” THIS Literary Magazine (March/April, 2012)

Cecilia Pinto, “I reject endings,” PoetsArtists, # 34, The Chicago Issue (April, 2012)

Cecilia Pinto, “In Light of Darkness,” TriQuarterly, Issue 142 (Summer/Fall 2012)

Cecilia Pinto, “Imagine the Dog,” The Novella Project (Fall, 2012)

Cecilia Pinto, A Small Woman (poetry chapbook), Dancing Girl Press, Summer 2014

Cecilia Pinto, 'Jellyfish' (short story), Jet Fuel Review, Spring 2014, Issue 7

Matthias Regan, "Playing (with) the Impossible: Modernism's Populist Poetics" Journal of Aesthetics and Protest (Winter 2011/12).

Matthias Regan, "Stories from the Breakdown Lane: Ordinary Affects on the Road to Detroit" in Deep Routes: The Midwest in All Directions (ed. by Compass Collaborators) White Wire: 2012

Matthias Regan, “’Out, Out!’,” “Pied,” “Husk,” “Driving it to the Whole,” Half Circle 4 (Summer 2012)

Sarah Terez Rosenblum, "After 15 Years of Lesbianism, I'm Dating Men and I Have No Idea What I am Doing," XOjane, May 28, 2014

Sarah Terez Rosenblum, “Anal Sex Jokes Got Me Through My Dad’s Funeral”, Salon.com, October 12, 2014

Sarah Terez Rosenblum, “Ray of Light: Amy Ray is Back with her Latest Solo Album” (interview), Curve Magazine, April 2014

Gary Wilson, “How To Lick an Envelope,” Slow Trains, vol. IX, Issue 3, Spring 2010

Gary Wilson, “Still Life, Chicago,” Grey Sparrow Magazine, Summer, 2010

Gary Wilson, Sing, Ronnie Blue (novel), Rager Media, 2007

Awards and Honors


Shari A. Brady, 2012 Silver Medal – Wish I Could Have Said Goodbye, Moonbeam Children's Book Award (Awarded October, 2102)

Gail Duberchin (under the name Gayle W. Duberchin), “American Buddha” (short story), first place in the Jane’s Stories Press Foundation Bite Size contest

Ingrida Martinkus, "Tacet", Guild Literary Complex 2012 Prose Award in Non-Fiction

Kim Kolarich, “Strawberry Pye” (story), nominated for a Pushcart Prize

Jerome Lane, “Memento Mori”, 2013 non-fiction contest, The Examined Life

Jian Ping, Mulberry Child: A Memoir of China, nominated for Illinois Association of Teachers of English, Illinois Author of the Year for 2009

Jian Ping, Mulberry Child (movie), Best of the Fest", Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2012

Jian Ping, Mulberry Child (movie), "Jury Prize for Writing", Nashville Film Festival, 2012

Jian Ping, Mulberry Child (movie), "Special Jury Award", Port Townsend Film Festival, 2012

Jian Ping, Mulberry Child (movie), "Cultural Discovery Award", Santa Rosa International Film Festival, 2012

Neil Stern, The Disturbance, 2010 Guild Literary Complex Prose Award in Non-Fiction

Natalie Haney Tilghman, "Hidden Pictures," first place in The Atlantic Monthly Student Writing Contest, fiction, 2011

Jeremy Wilson, “Trash Days,” Third Coast, Fall 2011; nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Jeremy Wilson, Fiction fellowship finalist and John Woods Scholarship winner, Prague Summer Program, 2010.

Jeremy Wilson, Top 25 finalist, Glimmer Train Family Matters competition, Fall 2010.


Kevin Davis, semifinalist, “Not Over It” (Short Non-Fiction), 2011 Guild Complex Prose Awards for Short Fiction and Non-Fiction

Kevin Davis, Audience Choice Award, 2011 Guild Literary Complex Prose Awards, short nonfiction category.

Patrick Somerville, long listed for The Story Prize, The Universe in Miniature in Miniature

Dina Elenbogen, nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry, 2007

Dina Elenbogen, Fellowship from Ragdale Foundation, December 2008

Stephanie Friedman, story listed among the “Notables” in the 2014 volume of Best American Short Stories (“Exposure.” Originally published: Michigan Quarterly Review. Winter 2013)

Achy Obejas, named one of Chicago’s 40 Cultural Heroes by Time Out magazine

Achy Obejas, named a United States Artists Fellow for 2014

Bayo Ojikutu, honorable mention, Pushcart Prize (fiction), 2008

Scott Onak’s (Writer’s Studio) story “The Final Problem” is a finalist in the Guild Complex Prose Awards, judged by Janet Burroway

Paula W. Peterson, Illinois Arts Council Fellowship Award in fiction, 2008

Paula W. Peterson, Dana Prize in Fiction, 2007

Cecilia Pinto, Grant Recipient, City of Chicago, C.A.A.P. Grant, Fiction, 2009

Cecilia Pinto, Finalist, Serena McDonald Kennedy Fiction Award, Snake Nation Review, 2009

Cecilia Pinto, Finalist Miami University Press, Novella Contest, 2007

Cecilia Pinto was named one of “25 Writers to Watch” by the Guild Complex

Mark Rader, “Museum of Medical Oddities”, shortlisted for a 2009 Pushcart Prize

Sarah Terez Rosenblum, Finalist for Midwestern Gothic Lake Prize Oct 2014, Short story, "Just For Now", To be published in Issue 16 (Winter 2015)

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