Important Dates

Registration closes for Summer 2021 eight and ten-week courses (Basic Program, Open Enrollment, Writer's Studio, Visual Arts)

How to Register for Basic Program Classes

To register online with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, please visit course registration page. To register by phone with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover, you may call 773.921.5563.

View Basic Program Courses

  • No application is required at any time. Students register for courses one quarter at a time.
  • Participants must study the Core Curriculum in order: Year 1 is a prerequisite for Year 2, and so on.
  • We encourage students to register for Year 1 in the Autumn Quarter, but it is possible to join in later quarters .
  • Basic Program Alumni Sequences and Alumni Courses are open to students who have completed Years 1 and 2 of the Core Curriculum.
  • Year 1, Online, and Open-to-All Courses have no prerequisites and are open to anyone who wishes to enroll.
  • View Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy.

step-by-step registration instructions