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Autumn Symposium

Autumn Symposium

Every autumn the Basic Program holds a daylong symposium to dive deep into a text or topic that expands on our curriculum and that has a particular resonance in today’s world.

See below for information about the 2018 Autumn Symposium, and stay tuned for information about 2019 Autumn Symposium.

William Blake, A Revolutionary During Revolution: Songs of Innocence and Experience and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

“He approached everything with a mind unclouded by current opinions,” said T.S. Eliot of William Blake, adding—“This makes him terrifying.”

William Blake Europe a Prophecy

Terrifying or inspiring, Blake was a consummate original in both the content and the form of his poems—visionary works inseparable from his own hand-painted engravings. In two of his most famous works, The Songs of Innocence and Experience: Showing the Two Contraries of the Human Soul and The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Blake poetically argues for the centrality to human life and creativity of what has traditionally been rejected as dangerous or evil—without, however, denying the danger. (“Sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires,” runs one of the Proverbs of Hell in Marriage, infamously and ambiguously.)

We will read these two illuminated works with an eye toward Blake’s revolutionary and exuberant perturbation of conventional morality and traditional poetic form in service of individual freedom and creativity and affirmation.

Featured Speaker: W.J.T. Mitchell, Gaylord Donnelley Distinguished Service Professor of English and Art History at the University of Chicago

Basic Program Staff Speaker: Claudia Traudt

Musical presentation featuring Elizabeth Parker, classical vocal coach and pianist. 

Photo Credit: The William Blake Archive

Recommended Reading:

  • William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Oxford Paperbacks) 1st Edition, ISBN: 978-0192811677
  • William Blake, Songs of Innocence and Experience: Shewing the Two Contrary States of the Human Soul, 1789-1794 (Oxford Paperbacks), ISBN: 978-0192810892