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Graduate Student-at-Large

Course Selection/Registration

In order to register for courses as a Graduate Student-at-Large, you will need to:

  • make an appointment with a GSAL advisor to confirm course selection
  • obtain faculty approval as-needed (required for all undergraduate courses and for other courses as indicated in the University Time Schedules)
  • check for any holds on your student account in MyUChicago

Getting Started

Choosing courses

Undergraduate and Graduate courses:

GSAL students can enroll for undergraduate or graduate courses and work closely with the Associate Director to ensure appropriate course selection. Check on the University Time Schedules for meeting days and times, as well as for pre-requisite course needs or instructor consent mandates. Contact GSAL staff to discuss your qualifications for the course(s), then contact the instructor of the course via email to obtain approval to register. Email the instructor’s consent to, Registration will be confirmed within 48 hours of the request by checking on the student portal. GSAL students can request to take any graduate course they are qualified for (i.e. have the prerequisites for); follow particular department’s registration policy, and have obtained approval from department. No courses in the medical school. Please note that a $100 late fee will be placed for registration requests on or after the first day of the quarter.

Law School courses:

GSAL and RS students may take up to two Law School courses per quarter. In order to register for Law School courses, students have to complete and submit the Non-Law School Student Permission to Register form to the Law School Registrar (1111 E. 69th St., LBQ 306H) Non-Law Student Permission to Register forms must be submitted prior to the start of the quarter during the Non-Law Student Registration period (as indicated quarterly on the Law School’s academic calendar). GSAL/RS students who enroll in courses in the Law School are expected to comply with the rules regarding courses, seminars, examinations, and papers that apply to law students. Questions regarding Law School policies and regulations should be addressed to GSAL staff.

Financial Math courses:

Non-MSFM University of Chicago students in graduate degree programs may take up to two classes in the MSFM Program without being admitted into the program. Graduate students must register for each class through their program of study. Permission from the MSFM Director and course instructor are required. Space limitations and prerequisites apply.

Courses in The Masters Program in Computer Science (MPCS):

To request to take a course in the MPCS, please complete: non-MPCS Student Course Request form.

Important Administrative Considerations

Active Status

Students have active status for one quarter after admission and are eligible to register for classes (please note that not registering for classes will result in not having any student life benefits).

If you have not enrolled in at least one course within the past two quarters, you will need to renew your status. Contact Esther Pandian-Riske at to renew your status.

Account Holds

Before registering for undergraduate or graduate courses, check for holds on your account that may impact your registration before your enrollment date. Prior to the registration period, use the online registration tools available in Campus Connect. For any restrictions or alerts on your account, please contact the Associate Director immediately at

Helpful Academic Course, Time Schedule and Program Information Weblinks

Registration Schedule

Quick link to University Academic Calendar


When it happens

What you do


Graduate Course Request*

Wed. Week 8, 9AM – Fri. Week 8, 5PM

Select courses online


Undergraduate course request*

Mon. Week 11, 9AM - Fri. Week 11, 5PM

Contact GSAL staff


Course Add

Mon. Week 11, 9AM – Fri. Week 1, 5PM

Add graduate and undergraduate courses by contacting GSAL staff


Course Drop

Wed. Week 11, 9AM – Fri. Week 1, 5PM

Drop graduate and undergraduate courses by contacting GSAL staff


Course Drop After Week 1

Mon. Week 2, 8:30AM – Fri. Week 3, 4:30PM

Drop graduate and undergraduate courses by contacting GSAL staff


*GSAL/RS students registering in Autumn Quarter must wait until the week before the start of the quarter to register. Students are encouraged to contact GSAL staff as early as Spring Quarter for course guidance and selection.

Tuition Refund, Adding/Dropping, Withdrawing

Add/Drop is available during the first three weeks of the quarter. Students are permitted to drop classes through Friday of the third week of the quarter. Students can also add classes through the third week with instructor consent, although most classes are closed after first week.

Week 1: Drop requests submitted by 5:00 pm Friday will receive 100% tuition refund

Weeks 2 and 3: Drop requests submitted by 4:30 pm Friday of third week will receive 65% tuition refund

Week 3: Classes may not be dropped after Friday 4:30 pm

Week 4–10: Withdraw from courses. Must be done before the final exam. In some cases, withdrawal requests must be made earlier in the quarter; check with GSAL staff for specific divisional policy. A grade of W will be recorded on the transcript, and no tuition refund will be granted. Non-attendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing and may result in a failing grade.

Students considering withdrawal should contact GSAL staff.

Summer Quarter Tuition Refund, Adding/Dropping, Withdrawing

Policies for summer quarter differ from the rest of the academic year. Consult the Summer Quarter Drop/Withdrawal/Refund Schedule.