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Graduate Student-at-Large

Newly Admitted GSAL Students


Congratulations! You have been admitted into the Graduate Student-at-Large Program at the University of Chicago Graham School. Please read these details carefully, on both the After Admission and the After Registration sections of this page. You should set up your University of Chicago email account and establish your UChicago student portal at MyUChicago, where you will be able to see all your courses, grades, tuition, and other important information.

Please make time to read the Student Manual that all students of the University of Chicago are held to, as well as the Graham School’s Student Information Manual, which clearly outlines all the policies and regulations that Graham School GSAL students must adhere to.

Academic Status

GSAL students in good academic standing (with no more than 2 grades of “C” in total) remain in active status for up to four quarters of non-registration after their initial acceptance into the GSAL program.

After four quarters of non-registration, GSAL requires an updated candidate statement and resume from students wishing to have their status reinstated, in order to take courses again.

GSAL students will receive tuition and student life bills only after they have registered at least for one course for the quarter. Students will be billed for medical insurance (USHIP) automatically unless they waive it at the start of their first quarter of studies as a GSAL student. If not waived at the start of their first quarter of studies, during subsequent quarters, USHIP will automatically bill the student, and an appeal process must to be initiated through the Dean of Students Office at the Graham School in order to opt out of coverage.

For Health Insurance and Immunization Requirements navigate to the After Registration chart.

 After Admission: Next steps  After Registration: After you register for a course

1 Create a CNet ID Create your CNET ID and password. If you are a former student or an alumnus of the University, you can reclaim your CNET ID at the same site.
2 Check your email Check your University of Chicago email account. You are responsible for reading all University correspondence.
3 Set up your UChicago account Check your current courses, mailing and billing addresses, grades, and more in your myUChicago account.
4 Read student policies Familiarize yourself with publications and policies that govern your student life.
5 Subscribe to cAlert Subscribe to the cAlert system so that the University can quickly contact you in the event of an emergency.
6 Request accommodations Request disability accommodations (if needed).
7 Browse Student Resources Browse the Graham School's student resource page for student-life related resources.
8 Send Official Transcripts If you applied with unofficial transcripts, have your institution/s send us official transcripts on or before the second week of the quarter. Registered students who do not have official transcripts on file by the end of the second week, will have their course registrations withdrawn.
1 Obtain Student ID Obtain your Student ID Card at the Identification and Privileges Office at the Regenstein Library.
2 Comply with Immunization Requirement Comply with the immunization requirement before the end of the third week of your quarter after admission. Deadlines are different for Summer quarter (check with program staff). All new students must submit this form by no later than the 3rd week of the quarter. If you are not in compliance, a restriction will be placed on your account.
3 Apply or waive student health insurance Apply for or waive student health insurance by Friday of the fourth week of your first quarter of registration or be automatically enrolled in and billed for basic coverage. *GSAL/RS students who purchase student health insurance AND enroll in classes during Spring Quarter will automatically have their coverage extended through the summer. In order to decline summer coverage, students must petition to waive the insurance by 7th week of spring quarter. Read through the Health Insurance Help Sheet.
4 Order your insurance card. If you have elected health insurance it is important to order your insurance card to carry with you in case of emergencies. Log in to My Account and pick the ID card link to see a digital version. You can request a physical card from My Account as well.
5 Check your courses Make sure your courses are correct in your My UChicago account.