Maintaining Active Status

GSALB students in good academic standing (with no more than 2 grades of “C” in total) remain in active status for up to four quarters of non-registration after their initial acceptance into the GSALB program.After four quarters of non-registration, GSALB requires an updates candidate statement and resume from students wishing to have their status reinstated in order to take courses again.

Please read After Registration under Newly Admitted Students for student portal access and other important information.

Academic and Professional Advising

The GSALB program advising team support their students in the development of their academic, career, and life goals under the guidance of the Associate Dean of GSAL/RS and Bridges and Partnerships. The Advising Team offers up-to-date information about courses and prerequisites across the campus as well as academic program requirements for all degree-granting programs at the University of Chicago. GSALB program advisors help provide tools for students to build important professional relationships with faculty members to secure academic opportunities such as research and internships, as well as serve as recommenders on future graduate school applications. Esther Pandian-Riske, who heads the advising team for GSALB, is a graduate alumna of the University of Chicago and will meet one-on-one with students, help with the graduate school admissions process (reviewing statements and advising on obtaining letters of recommendation) as well as plan a range of periodic academic and social events for students to meet and network with colleagues and faculty members. Students belong to the GSAL list host and receive periodic information on program and campus-wide events. All GSALB students are invited to join the GSAL LinkedIn page for event information and further networking as well.

Office of the Dean of Students

Jarquetta Egeston is the Graham School’s Assistant Dean of Students. She is available for student support in the areas of academic progress, issues of student life, well-being, and student conduct, and can be reached at