Graduate Student-at-Large_ Business

Graduate Student-at-Large: Business

GSALB Course Selection/Registration

Before you Register

Select your desired course(s)

  • Plan to attend the first week of any course you hope to enroll in, even if your registration isn’t confirmed at the time.
  • Review the Seat Availability report to find out if a Booth course is already closed, or to estimate your chances of successfully enrolling in a course with only a few seats left. The Seat Availability report is updated periodically during the registration process and should only be used to rule out courses that are closed or have very few seats left. Faculty members may not authorize a seat to be added to a closed course.
  • Refer to Prerequisite Waivers & Instructor Consent
  • Please refer to the FAQ section, on Registration

Prerequisite Waivers and Instructor Consent

Submit Your Registration Request

Online Registration

  • Use the online poll to submit enrollment requests for the Booth course(s) of your choice. You can be enrolled in a maximum of two courses, but in order to increase your chances of getting into a course you want, you may indicate a preference for up to three courses with one alternate sections per course.
  • If you change your mind after submitting a request, you must fill out a new one. You can change your mind as often as you want; once the poll closes, the Booth Registrar’s office will disregard any previous requests you have submitted and only process your most recent submission.

Current Registration Schedule

Refer to the Booth School of Business website for current registration dates and deadlines.

Registration Results

  • Requests will be processed in timestamp order and enrollment results will be emailed to you by the Associate Booth Registrar. You may view your successful enrollment(s) in myUChicago the day after receiving the confirmation email.
  • If your request was not successful, you may submit another enrollment request during Round 3.

After Successful Enrollment

Week 1 Attendance, First Class Assignments, and Rescheduled Sessions

Access to Canvas

Booth Resources

Tuition Refund, Adding/Dropping, Withdrawing

Dropping, Withdrawing, Pass/Fail Grading, and Incomplete Grades

Add/Drop is available during the first three weeks of the quarter. Students are permitted to drop classes through Friday of the third week of the quarter. Students can also add classes through the third week with instructor consent, although most classes are closed after first week.

  • Weeks 1–3: Drop requests submitted by 4:30 pm on Friday of third week will receive 100% tuition refund.
  • Week 3: Classes may not be dropped after 4:30 pm on Friday.
  • Week 4–10: Withdraw from courses. Must be done before the final exam. In some cases, withdrawal requests must be made earlier in the quarter; check with GSAL staff for specific divisional policy. A grade of W will be recorded on the transcript, and no tuition refund will be granted.

Non-attendance does not constitute dropping or withdrawing and may result in a failing grade.

Students considering withdrawal should contact Program Manager, Mitchell Catalano or Associate Director, Esther Pandian-Riske.